Shih-Ya Fiona Wu

I am currently pursuing my MFA degree in furniture design at Savannah College of Art and design (SCAD), and I have a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST).


I believe that design is an art that dedicates itself to exploring the desire of humans, the strength of materials, the needs of society, and embodying the belief of a designer. I believe that design is not just a servant for consumerism, but has the power to bring more good and joy to this world, and make positive impacts to the world.


I had been professionally trained in fine art and dedicated to it for six years, and studied industrial design for my bachelor's degree. During the four years in college, human-centered and problem-solving thinking has become my principle and instinct when designing. After I graduated from college, I went into the field as a knock-down furniture designer.


To explore more aspects of furniture design, I am now studying my master's degree in furniture design at SCAD. To cultivate my confidence, I never stop asking questions and learning. The best quality in me is that I always stay optimistic I believe in the power of design, and always bring the best out of me.

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