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SHIH-Ya Fiona Wu

Bluewater Pottery and Fionawu Design

Artist / Designer / Potter

Fiona is a full-time product designer and part-time potter from Taiwan and now located in Louisville, Kentucky. She believes that an artwork should dedicates itself to exploring the desire of humans, the strength of materials, and embodying the belief of an artist.


With a BD in industrial design form NTUST (Taiwan University of Science and Technology) and a MFA in furniture design from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), Fiona is able to blend logical and artistic thoughts together and take inspirations from both western and oriental cultures to create her own unique artworks.


Her earliest interest in ceramics was shown in the Dew Drop lamp that she designed in her master's years. At that time, she created this very organic form and 3D printed a prototype. However, the curiosity of "I wonder how much more beautiful it will look if it's really made of out porcelain" has bothered her ever since. After she graduated in 2020, she started learning basic pottery skills on the side, and has been spending almost all of her free time on refining her skills and learning all aspects of this complex and ancient craft until now.

Fiona and Pottery, or Fiona & Pot. (formerly Blue Water Pottery) was established in March, 2023, selling authentic handcrafted ceramics that are 100% designed and made by Fiona. "Pottery sings and talks to me, and I listen and respect it. Together, Fiona and Pottery co-create art!" - by Fiona


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