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"Cygnus" is a statement furniture piece that celebrates the technique of wood bending. To show the beauty and simplicity of wood bending, Cygnus is made in one piece. 


The shape of "Cygnus" is inspired by the dynamic postures of swans. The warm-colored walnut veneer and the dark olive green velvet fabric bring out the tender, calm and elegant feeling of Cygnus, which makes it not only a swan but princess in "Swan Lake".  


The organic shape of Cygnus is not only an illustration of nature but also intentionally encourages different sitting postures. The cushion shape conforms with the exterior contour, creating a unique balance between soft and hard. Even the empty space is not wasted but designed to be a secret box under the cushion. 


Cygnus is a design that starts with aesthetic pleasure and ends in ergonomic success.   



Shih-Ya Fiona Wu

May 2019

23.50"(W) x 29.25"(H) x 35.75"(D)

Walnut veneer, plywood, velvet, foam


Building Process


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